Sunday, November 16, 2014

Converting number into text - spellnumber excel function

It is often useful to have a function to convert numbers into words in Excel. It will be very handy in accounts. I have written a Excel macro to convert numbers into text. I have already created a macro which will convert number in Indian system - that is ##,##,### format, to words. You can find it here 

Now I have come up with macro which does the same thing with western numbering system, that is 3 digits separation like ###,###,###. Dollar is used as currency, but it can be changed to any currency just by changing the text "Dollar". You can do that by finding replacing.

How to use it:
1. Download the Excel VBA macro module from here 

2. Open Excel 

3. Press Alt + F11 
    A window will open, it is called Visual Basic Editor aka VBA           editor. 

4. In the VBA editor select Insert, Module. 
    A new module will be created at the left side pane, in the right         side you can see a blank pane. Paste your code here 
    Or, alternatively you can import the module directly
5. Save and go back to Excel by pressing Alt + F11

6. In the Excel worksheet, select Formula and them Insert. You           will  see a dialog with available functions.
    You have to browse to User Defined Functions to your macro by     name ConvertCurrencyToEnglish_spellnumber
    select and provide proper input 

Here is a video showing steps clearly 

Other version of macro for Indian number system


  1. jese ki 1000 ko convert kiya to one thausand hota h but esme only thapna milta he kinai.. jese ki one thausand only ... karana milta h kinai.. plz help ........

    1. Please see my latest post.. It will solve your issue

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